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5 Reasons You Should Never Skip Out on a Owner's Title Policy

Monday, August 24, 2020

You might be wondering: what is owner's title insurance?

In a nutshell, an owner’s title insurance protects you and your property in case anyone tries to challenge your title or ownership. 

Thinking about buying a home anytime soon?

While getting title insurance is optional, you shouldn't consider skipping out on it. Here are five reasons why you should always get an owner's title policy!

1. It Protects Against Serious Financial Losses 

Is title insurance optional?

The answer is yes, but before you cancel your plans, hear us out. One of the biggest perks of owner's title insurance is that it safeguards both you and your family against serious financial losses.

This is a great security against any defects that may occur during the title transfer process. Not only will your insurance cover potential title problems, but it will also protect the title owner's heirs too.

2. Provides Mortgage Lenders Safety 

In addition to what we've mentioned above, owner's title insurance provides mortgage lenders safety too. This is true for the following organizations:

  • Savings and loan associations
  • Savings banks and commercial banks
  • Life insurance companies 

The best part is that these institutions are protected even at the mortgage isn't satisfied. How can you beat that? 

3. Prevents Title Owners From Losing Money

Signing up for an honest title policy prevents title owners from losing money in the long run.

For instance, if your property is insured, it's guaranteed to have a higher property value once you place it on the market. Plus, if your title gets rejected from a future purchaser, you're sure to be protected as well. 

4. Removes Potential Title Problems

On top of everything that we've mentioned above, signing up for owners title insurance removes potential title problems too.

In this case, the real estate agent in the title insurance company will make sure that all purchases are closed within a reasonable amount of time. As a result, a safe and efficient title transfer results in:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Increased prestige
  • Continued business

5. Protects Your Home Builder

By supplying title information and services to your home builder, your builder can do everything from:

  • Identify and evaluate building and use restrictions
  • Remove title problems that could arise
  • Dispersing construction funds from the construction lender

All of these benefits are wonderful for buyers of new builds as well! 

Ready to Get Your Owner's Title Policy?

Are you ready to get your owner's title policy set up?

If that is the case, you are really not alone. Fortunately for you, we've got everything you need to succeed. When it comes to owners' title insurance, we've got you covered.

From protecting your family to your home builder, there are countless reasons why owner's title insurance is worth the money. The only thing you'll regret is not signing up sooner.

To learn more about title insurance, contact one of our representatives today!

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