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7 Things You Need to Do Before Selling Your Home

Monday, August 2, 2021

Selling your home might seem like a hassle to many, but did you know that 842,000 houses were sold last year in the United States?

And sadly, I'm sure all of those homeowners were stressed with trying to figure out what needed to be done before they sold their home. 

But with a helpful list of what to do, selling your home will be a breeze, and all the stress will be alleviated. 

So if you plan on listing your home in the near future, keep reading for 7 things to do before you sell! 

1. Deep Clean

First and foremost, cleaning your home is the number one priority. And this doesn't just mean a quick clean; it means a deep clean. That includes the interior and exterior of the house. 

Cleaning the hard-to-reach places, windows, shelves, vents, etc., are all that need extra attention. 

If you decide to deep clean the home yourself, be sure you research what chemicals, tools, and proper techniques to use. And be sure to look for dirt and grime in places you usually look over. 

However, hiring a cleaning service can make all the difference and save you time. They have a checklist of everything to clean and know exactly how to treat it. While it may be a little expensive, it is well worth the cost. 

And a clean house on the market gives the sense that your home was well maintained throughout the years. Remember, when your home is showcased, no one wants to see or smell anything dirty when they're interested in purchasing. 

2. Repair

Just like any home that's been lived in, things break or wear down. And then, like most people, you forget to fix the problem. 

And leaving them for the next homeowner to fix can make or break a potential sale. That's because people look for the fine details when touring your home. And if there are multiple broken things, they instinctually devalue the home. 

Repairs can range from inside your home to outside. Be sure any major repairs like roof leaks, flooring issues, or wall damage are properly repaired. 

And be sure to address any minor issues that can catch the eye of a buyer, like scratched walls, stained floors, or broken windows. 

3. Paint

Some people don't think they need to paint their homes before selling. But, keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste as you do. 

And that's why painting the interior and exterior of your home is so important. You can do this yourself or hire a painting service to save time. 

Neutral colors are the best option when trying to sell your home. This keeps the integrity of the home and allows the buyer to imagine other paint colors easily. 

If you already have neutral tones throughout your home, think about refreshing the paint. Freshening up the paint helps with scuff marks, stains, or scratches. 

4. Declutter

If you plan on showing off your home, get rid of all the clutter. Minimizing any extra or unnecessary things will make your home seem cleaner. 

Decluttering may seem daunting, but once it's done, it will make all the difference. And be sure to remove the clutter from your home and don't place it elsewhere in a closet. Your guests will look into every nook and cranny when touring your home. 

If you aren't sure where to place your things, consider renting a storage unit to place everything until your home sells. 

5. Landscape

Landscaping the outside of your house brings in curb appeal and accentuates your home. 

The first thing buyers see is the outside of your home and your yard. It will be their first impression of your home and can have a negative or positive impact on their opinion. That's why adding or freshening your landscaping is so important. 

Colorful flowers, bushes, and trees are great things to consider when wanting to add color. 

6. Stage

Research shows that staged homes spend half the time on the market than those that are not. And less time on the market means less money you have to spend. 

However, staging your home may not be very cheap. But, if it sells your home quicker, the costs might balance out. 

When hiring professionals to stage, it's important to remove all of your personal items. You want no personal pictures, decorations, or objects to distract the buyers. 

It is also possible to stage the home yourself. But don't forget, everyone's taste is not the same as yours. 

7. Inspect

One major thing to do before you sell your home is hiring an inspector. Getting a home inspection can help notify you of any unseen problems.

This is a common thing in the real estate market that many people usually do in the buying process. But if you get it done before you sell, you can take care of the issues before it becomes a problem in the selling process. 

And it could become a complication because buyers will usually be turned off to the home if the inspection comes back with many issues. 

This may cost you a little more money than you anticipated, but it helps since inspectors are trained to find everything wrong with a home. 

Selling Your Home

There are so many unthinkable things that need to be done before you start selling your home. And that's where the stress and anxiety come into play.

However, when you're completely lost on what to do before you put your house on the market, these helpful tips should no doubt help you sell quickly. 

So feel free to contact us today if you need any other help regarding the selling or purchasing of a home!

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