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Ensuring Peace of Mind

For Residential and Commercial Buyers

We offer standard and enhanced title policies for real estate buyers, which provide you as the insured party with the peace of mind that the property you are about to purchase will be free and clear of all tax liens, judgments, title defects, and loans or mortgages. You will know with certainty that when you then sell the property down the road, you can do so with confidence that the title you are selling will be good and marketable and insurable to the next buyer at regular rates.

Most title companies will issue a title insurance policy but never explain that policy to the insured who just purchased the policy. As part of Heartland Abstract’s service on Enhanced Owner’s Policies, we will arrange to explain to you the details of the policy itself and any exceptions to the policy so that you know exactly what you are buying. We will also obtain copies of any title exceptions from the county courthouse which have been recorded against your property.

We will prepare your new Deed on your property.

For Lenders

We offer a higher level of service to our lender clients than most other title companies. We will close the borrowers’ loans at their homes and places of business, and after regular business hours, at no extra charge. The experience of our attorneys and agents, who have actually prepared thousands of loan documents, will be brought to bear when we are asked to explain the documents to your borrower. We will help put your customer at ease and smooth the transaction.

For Investors

Commercial investors need to know if a potential property purchase will maximize their investment. People and companies want to target and successfully bid on tax sales, sheriff sales, and short sale properties. We can help you identify liens, judgments, and back taxes which often must be addressed with such properties, so that you can make a sound business decision before you bid on a property.

Our attorneys have experience with mortgage foreclosure and tax sale proceedings and can provide the advice and expertise necessary to ensure that your subsequent sale will be valid and insurable to your next buyer.