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Heartland Team



Heartland Abstract was formed in 2000, as a result of the acquisition of Heartland Settlement Company. Founding partners Andrew J. Monastra, Esquire and Bonnie Gregory have set the bar for professional excellence in title insurance in Southeastern Pennsylvania for a combined 70 plus years. In fact, many of our competitors in the area were trained by Bonnie and Andrew. But why settle for the pupil when you can work with the teacher?

At Heartland Abstract we choose to follow a different path than our competitors. Our competitors will form title insurance agencies with realtors, lenders and builders – Heartland Abstract will not. Why? Because realtors, lenders and builders view title insurance as just another potential profit center. The realtors, lenders and builders will use your confidence in them as a way to send you to “their” title company, which will then charge you hundreds of dollars in extra fees (satisfaction fees, settlement fees, wire fees, document preparation fees, etc.). The title companies charge you these “junk” fees because they have to share their profits with their referring partners at the end of the year. Since the profits are shared, the title companies extend their margins by charging you “junk” fees. Heartland does not share profits with anyone else, and charges no junk fees. Period.

Heartland Abstract only looks out for our customers. Heartland Abstract does not sponsor the XYZ Realty Company’s Holiday Party or rent “space” from realtors, lenders or builders, or pay for their marketing expenses so that they in turn will prevail upon you, the consumer, to purchase your title insurance, including all the junk fees, from their title agency. Heartland Abstract wants no part of that type of business arrangement as it adds unnecessary expenses to you - the homebuyer.

Our parents taught us that doing something deceitful is not acceptable because “everyone else is doing it.” We want you to make an informed choice about from whom you purchase your Pennsylvania title insurance, BECAUSE IT IS YOUR CHOICE. The realtor, lender or builder has no say in the matter. The only reason they have created a culture where their customers believe they must use their beholden title agents is because they want more of your money. How does that help you?